Debunking 5 Common Eye Care Myths – Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

There are lots of old-wives tales regarding Eyecare, floating around, but Viaan Eye and Retina centre eye specialist in gurgaon is going to debunk them. Myths have historical roots and it is not very easy to break and debunk them. People believe in myths especially if it is related to their health or fitness. Many times parents are seen educating their kids to watch television from far away to prevent their eyes from getting weak. One could easily notice how people snack on carrots, believing that their night vision will be improved.


Let’s start with debunking the popular eye care myths.


  1. Eating carrots enriches the night vision

Eating carrots benefit the eyes, that is correct but it will give a boost to our night vision is nowhere right. We have human eyes and they are not made to glow at night like a feline. However, the vitamin A from the carrots gives perks to the eyes. Contact the retina specialist and take recommendations for vitamin A supplements.


  1. Sitting at a close distance with TV can lead to vision loss

There is a universally specified distance to maintain from any screen. It is already obvious to not sit closely at a short distance with any screen, be it a television. However, it is false to say, sitting close to tv can lead to no vision. It will definitely cause strain and pain and discomfort to the eyes.


  1. Glasses can make the eyes worse

Prescribed glasses are providing aid to already compromised vision but they will not deteriorate the vision. Myopic eyes get worse over time and glasses just help the user to see. Glasses are not but vision correction devices.


  1. Dim light can permanently damage the eyes

Though, it is always advised not to read in dim light or in a low light source. But, there is no such study or report that reading in dim light can cause any permanent or long-lasting damage to the eyes.


  1. Old age deteriorates the vision

Vision deterioration can happen at any time of life. There is no such timeline. Kids can meet such situations where they experience vision issues. So Contact a cataract specialist in Gurgaon At times, old people can keep their vision intact for long, without any aid to the eyes.

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