4 Ways to Protect the Sight – Eye Specialist For Kids

From poets to singers, everyone has written prose and songs to embark the importance of eyes. Eyes are said to be the windows of souls. When words don’t do the job of expressing emotion- eyes do it.


With the understanding of the importance of ocular power, there is a need to take care of the same. The optic orbs of a human body are likely to age with time passing by.


Viaan eye and retina centre is here to help. Get ready to see the best for the lifetime with the 8 ways.


  1. Finding a reliable and trusted Eye Specialist

eye specialist for kids are eye experts. With no experts around the vicinity, to whom one is going to complain. Many eye diseases don’t have an early sign, so having a retina specialist in your contact list won’t hurt. Dr Neeraj Sanduja of Viaan eye and retina centre is one of the best eye specialists.


  • Increasing Physical Activity in routine

Movement in daily life can lower the health risks like diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions have a direct connection with the vision.


Physical activities like exercising, walking, jogging, running, push-ups, stretching, etc can happen while being on the phone or doing chores. Every heartbeat counts!


  • Exploring the Eye History of the Family

Exploring the eye history of the family might not be sounding great for the dinner table topic but it helps everyone to stay healthy. Eye diseases like Glaucoma or age-related muscle degeneration are likely to be running in the family. Whatever the issues are, one needs to contact the retina specialist.


  • Eating green 

The green leafy vegetables provide natural shields to safeguard one from health conditions or ailments like obesity, blood pressure or diabetes. Adding more dark, green, spinach or collard greens and kale to the plate may help pick up essential nutrients.

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