How to Take Care of Eyes While at Work – Best Retina Doctor in Gurgaon

In today’s era where most of the work is done on a computer, eye strain develops with time. The bright light that emits out from the computer screen adds strain to the eyes and makes it hard for us to focus. While working for prolonged hours, sore eyes could happen along with headaches and neck pain. Ignoring these issues can give grave effects on retinal health. If any problem with your eye then Contact the best retina doctor in Gurgaon.


Eye Strain is a big deal to handle, if not diagnosed on time. There are various reasons behind Eye Strain.


  • Looking at a digital screen for a long time
  • Reading without taking a break
  • Exposing eyes in bright light or glare
  • Struggling to read in dim light
  • Stress and fatigue

As discussed before regarding workplace and eye health, Digital eye strain is a common anomaly that happens at the workspace due to long exposure to screens. Those who spend most of their time ogling at screens are at great risk of exposure. Reading print material doesn’t put a heavy load on the eyes but reading from a digital or blue screen gives impact.


Now, the question is how to take care of eyestrain.


Blink more because blinking plays a significant role in moistening the eyes.


Use the screens at an ideal distance and from advised angles


Adjust the contrast according to the text and background


Try to avoid those screens that glare or reflect blue light


Regular checkups at the eye care specialist


Viaan Eye and Retina Centre is the best place to make an appointment for getting concerns like eye strain, discomfort, headache checked, or to diagnose any anomaly related to the retinal area. we are retina specialist.


Before going to the eye specialist doctor, go through these-


List all the symptoms the eyes are showing


List the Medical information concerning previous issues related to eyes


List the questions to ask from doctors


Keep a log regarding how much time one spends on a digital screen The eyes are the most important organ in our human anatomy. Losing them to a digital screen doesn’t seem fair. Everyone knows precaution is better than cure. So, it is time to take timely precautions and care.

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