5 Common Eye Problems in India

No Matter how much care we are giving to our precious retinal orbs, there is a probability that we miss one thing that leads to red eyes or dry eyes, or any other eye issue. Not all symptoms may lead to hitting the panic button however, a few may need an eye specialist doctor.


Viaan Eye Care Centre makes sure to keep everyone updated with the common eye problems in India. Below is the list of the 5 most common ocular diseases face by Indians:-


  • Cataract:

Cataract in simpleton way is the formation of white clouds in the clear eye lens. Cataract causes complete blindness if not treated on time. Developing cataract is one of the prevalent eye problems in Indians. Cataracts are rampant and common among older people.


  • Dry Eye:

Dry eye is a common condition in eyes that occurs because of lack of lubrication in eyes. If the tear film doesn’t make the right type of tears to lubricate the eyes, the possibility of dry eye increases. This condition seems to happen most among post-menopausal women.


  • Glaucoma:

Glaucoma is one of the primary reasons behind the blindness in the Indians populace. It starts from damaging the optic nerve resulting in permanent vision loss. The symptoms of Glaucoma do not appear suddenly. It takes over gradually while hurting the eyes. If you are experiencing pain, do connect with an eye specialist doctor.


  • Red Eye:

Getting red-eye could be a minor irritation or could be raising some serious red flags. A person can get red-eye for so many reasons. It has various stages, a pinkish hue to bloodshot eyes. The redness in the eyes happens dues to the blood vessels in the exterior covering of the eyes.


  • Conjunctivitis:

Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eyes. It is the burning of the conjunctiva due to the infection. Conjunctiva is a transparent membrane that lines our eyelids and eyeball. It starts with a gritty and itchy sensation in our eyes. Conjunctivitis is a transmissible disease nevertheless, it is easy to treat with the right eye specialist doctor.

Viaan Eye and Retina Centre knows the best eye care from consultation to surgery. Dr. Neeraj Sanduja is a known best retina specialist in Gurgaon across the country.

If you or anyone in your circle go through any such ocular issue mentioned above, you can schedule an appointment with us.

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