Winter is Here, Time for Eyecare Tips

As summer goes away and cold air feels the lungs, we know winter is here. Since winter has already descended upon us, it is necessary to start taking care of their eyes along with the bodily system against the cold and flu. 


One of the common eye issues in the winter season is dry eyes. The main reason behind dry eyes is less humid and cold air. Another issue is UV rays in winter. Eye Doctor in Gurgaon is ready with its list for eye care tips in winter. 


Maintain the moisture in the eyes 


Dryness in the eyes is a common condition in the winter due to the drier and less humid air. Keep eyedrops ready to use regularly.


Limit the heater usages 


Using a heater indoors could impact harmfully on the eyes. As per the above-mentioned point, the air in the wintertime is already dry, using a heater could make things worse. Having a humidifier will be beneficial. 


Protect eyes from UV rays 


In the summertime, people do wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays. In winter, people generally love the sun on their skin or love spending time outside exposing themselves to the sun and absorbing UV rays. 


Eat Green, Be Healthy 


In winter, eat healthy stuff to ensure good health for your eyes. Green leafy vegetables like spinach could come to the rescue. It is warm and it keeps your eyes fine. 


Take a break from devices 


In winter, it is understandable if someone stays indoors. But, while spending a great amount of time in cozy and warm places, make sure you don’t spend time looking at screens. Take regular breaks from electronic devices and screens. 
Viaan eye and retina centre is fully aware of the complications winter could give to your eyes. If your eye problems don’t get cured or resisted, make an appointment for our eye specialist in Gurgaon, Dr. Neeraj Sanduja.

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