Things to follow for better vision and eye health

Our eyes are the most fragile organ in our body which are prone to irritation, scratches and dreadful injuries. And therefore, protecting them with good eye care should be a top priority for everyone to maintain a good vision and eye health. The health of our eyes depends upon various components of our lifestyle and genetics. Some of them fall outside our control; others we have the opportunity to control, regulate and improve on our own by taking proactive measures.


Here are some of the tips from our specialist Dr Neeraj Sanduja, that one should follow to ensure better vision and eyecare:


● Have a Balanced Diet: that is high in nutrients (fruits and vegetables) and low in saturated fats and sugar. Vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc are very beneficial to our eyes. Leafy vegetables are in season now through November and contain key nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. The body does not naturally make these nutrients it needs, so it is important we should include items such as leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, bell peppers in our diet.


● Be cautious with spectacles & contact lenses: Always make sure that you are not wearing spectacles while engaged in any physical or outdoor activity as this can pose a risk for a severe eye-injury. This is in special reference to kids as they are often carefree while playing. Do not use contact lenses beyond the recommended date of use. Wear eye protection during sports: Sports-related injuries are often seen in children therefore it is important to instruct them to wear eye protection gears during sports.


● Use water-proof glasses while swimming: It is important that you wear swimming glasses that prevent water from reaching your eyes. This is because the added chemicals in swimming pool water can cause irritation, temporary blurry vision, and reddening of the eyes.


● Wash your Eyes 2-3 a day during Summer: Dirt, chemicals, and makeup can all cause itchy and dry eyes. This is why it is important to wash the eyes with cold water 2-3 times a day. People with allergies should sleep with windows closed to avoid any outside allergens.


● 5 minutes of Eye Exercise: 5 minutes of eye exercise on a daily basis can reduce the probability of having dry and itchy eyes. You can visit our clinic in Gurgaon to understand your eye health. On the basis of the test and or a regular check-up, our eye specialist Dr Sanduja can suggest some eye exercises to help maintain moisture and eye health.


● Regular Eye check-up: Most of us are under the impression that as long as we can see well, we do not need a routine eye check-up however, the reality is entirely different. There are many vision-threatening diseases that do not have symptoms in the early stages and cannot be picked up by a test for refractive error (power of glasses) alone. Hence, it is important to go for regular eye check-up.

You can visit us for any kind of an eye issue, and our friendly team of doctors and nurses can guide you for a good experience and resolve any problems. Viaan Eye Care Centre is the best eye specialist in Gurgaon.


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