Need for Eye Exam for Kids

Most parents do not feel the need of getting an eye exam for their kids, but the top child eye specialist believes that getting an eye exam is very useful for the children. Also, with children spending more and more of their time on digital devices, such a comprehensive vision exam with an experienced optometrist becomes even more necessary especially for the children.

To understand better, we have enlisted the top reasons why a child needs to get an eye exam done:


1. Your Child’s Learning is Related to his/her vision: Having a clear vision proves to be really helpful while in school. According to experts, almost 80% of learning is visual and, to maintain good academic performance, athletic improvement and social development, it is very important to take their eye health seriously.

Taking the eye test at the right age will let them enjoy their free viewing experience throughout their life or take precautionary measures if needed.


2. Diagnose any vision-related problems: A kid might easily recognize any problem of near or farsightedness, but the comprehensive eye test at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon performs a complete test which will diagnose any eye related issue such as astigmatism, color blindness, hand-eye coordination and more.


3. Analyse any symptoms of Eye Problems: Yes, the eye problems are easily recognized but not all of them, there are many eye symptoms which might look subtle but can lead to harm in future. Some of such symptoms include frequent headaches, habit of rubbing or covering eyes, difficulty in completing school tasks and more.

Hence by getting your child’s eye test done you can assure that:

  • They have an excellent visual experience, especially from all distances.
  • They have comfortable and accurate eye teaming skills.
  • They are not facing trouble in their eye movement.
  • They have good focus skills.
  • They are not suffering with their vision.

But you must be wondering if you child is at the right age to get the eye test done.

What is the Right Age to get a Child’s Eye Exam?


According to thebest eye specialist in Gurgaon, children must get their first eye test done at the age of 6 months, and another test right before they enter their first grade at school i.e 5-6 years of age.

If there are no problems detected, the child must get a test done in about every 2 years during his/her schooling years.

Also, before you visit the clinic for the child’s eye exam, analyse if he/she face any of the below mentioned problems:

  • Eye Rubbing
  • Any history of prematurity
  • Abnormal Blinking
  • Failure to focus or maintain eye contact
  • Poor eye tracking skills

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