How can you identify that your child needs to visit an eye specialist?

Good eye health and clear vision are a key to children’s learning and development. As vision continues to develop until the tender age of 10, it is imperative to have your kid’s eye checked on a regular basis, once every 6 months until he/she faces any problem, so that it can be detected at an early stage without having the child to face any discomfort or it impacts their eyesight.

We, as the best eye hospital for kids, have compiled a list of few signs to look out for in your little one:


1. Physical Symptoms: A couple of problems you will be able to see just by carefully looking at your child’s eyes. It is advisable to consult a doctor to determine the urgency of a comprehensive exam by the best ophthalmologist in gurgaon, if your child is displaying the following symptoms:

a. Bulging eyes
b. Cloudy Pupil (in babies)
c. Misaligned eyes (Crossed, one turned out)
d. Droopy eyelids


2. Changes in Behavior: If your child is doing something differently than he/she used to, it might be a sign that she must be suffering from a vision problem. For example: If she used to sit far away from the television set and is now sitting close to the screen, or if she is having a problem copying notes from the black board to her paper.

All of these signs can be a red flag that your child has poor vision and must undergo a comprehensive eye examination.


3. A suspected developmental delay: If you feel that your child is not growing in a way that you feel he/she should, immediately speak to an eye doctor near me about it. The medicos might recommend an eye exam to rule out a vision problem. Moreover, you must also watch if your child has any difficulty recognizing colours or alphabets. If yes, discuss having a comprehensive eye examination with your primary doctor.


4. Watery eyes: Your child might suffer from a condition called lagophthalmos in case there is excessive tearing in his/her eyes. Basically, teary eyes can occasionally interfere with good vision and can cause objects to appear blurry. Hence, you must keep an eye on that as well!


5. Headaches or eye pain: Sometimes children complain of headaches and eye pain. This also could be down to eye fatigue or eye strain. Constantly making efforts to increase the focus of the blurred vision can put a lot of stress on their eyes, so these symptoms are certainly so something to watch out for.


6. Eye Trauma: In case your child suffers a traumatic injury involving the eye, it is important to directly rush to the emergency room or raise a request for an urgent care setting depending on the severity.
Here were some of the things that you must keep in mind to identify any vision problem that your child may be suffering. It is best to consult an eye doctor at the earliest!


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