Signs of Child Eye Problems: Know from Eye specialist for Kids

A healthy eye can lead to a happy future, especially when it comes to kids – who can hardly diagnose anything that is going wrong with them. As much as 80% of total learning is visual, it is estimated that half of the difficulties in learning during childhood are due to undiagnosed vision problems. So, if not identified on time, the innocence of children and ignorance of the parents can hamper the child’s development and educational growth.


As a parent what can you do to ensure that your kid/s do not suffer alone, or go through the several social and educational disadvantages of an undiagnosed vision? Here are some tips from the best eye specialist in Gurgaon for Kids:


Understanding the Scenario


Eye specialists for kids usually face this problem where the kids have been suffering from an eye obstacle but were unable to identify it. They were unable to describe what they were experiencing to an adult. At times, the tamper in vision might make them distracted and fidgety, but instead, they get scolded for not being present, which makes things worse. As a parent, you can sit with them to understand what is affecting them – and figure out the underneath cause.


What kind of Vision Problems can occur?


From cataracts to short-sightedness, from red eyes to glaucoma, anything can go wrong. The eyes are the most delicate part of the human body and even children can suffer from such severe levels of vision problems. Many self-appointed eye care people believe that an E-chart visual test checks the acuity of the eyesight. However, without a comprehensive eye exam, one can not identify what’s wrong with the eyes. Here are some vision problems that can go undiagnosed by the best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon:


  • Astigmatism: Children suffer blurry vision due to refractive errors which aren’t always caught in a vision screening, and if not treated properly with corrective lenses can lead to amblyopia.


  • Amblyopia: A child can lose his/her vision irreversibly if not treated, as amblyopia also known as ‘lazy eye’, can cause poor vision in one eye led by astigmatism.


  • Convergence Insufficiency: Your child can have difficulty in reading, focusing on up-close things, or other close tasks, as the eyes drift outward in convergence insufficiency. The same could have not been diagnosed with an E chart acuity test and would have led to a difficult situation for your child.

What signs should you look for?


Certain eye problems are very obvious on the look, however, they can be false as well. We have curated a list of few signs that can help you diagnose an eye problem your child may be suffering from. You should visit the best retina specialist in Gurgaon, if:


  • Your child is frequently blinking his/her eyes or rubbing them
  • The kid has a short attention span especially for close work
  • Difficulty with reading or avoidance of it
  • Frequent headaches
  • The habit of covering one eye
  • The habit of tilting the head to the side
  • The tendency to hold reading materials very close to their face
  • Difficulty remembering what they just read
  • The tendency to lose their place while reading

How long to wait before you visit an eye doctor near me?


As soon as possible. There are chances that your child is going through the above-mentioned difficulties for a long time and you missed it. It is best to book your appointment at the earliest with the best child eye specialist in GurgaonDr. Neeraj Sanduja at Viaan Eye & Retina Centre.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit the best eye hospital near me, and get your child treated for any eye problems they are struggling with.

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