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Pediatric Ophthalmology Myths Debunked: Here’s What You Shouldn’t Worry About!

Every parent wants the best for their child, and their eye health is no exception! However, in the age of information overload, it can be challenging for you to separate fact from fiction. From the classic advice about not sitting too close to the TV to the modern concerns about the impact of excessive screen time, the myths surrounding kids’ eye health are as numerous as they are confusing. 

Therefore, Viaan Eye & Retina Centre, the best eye hospital in Gurgaon, brings this blog as your compass through the maze of uncertainty. Are carrots really the key to super-vision, or is it just another old wives’ tale? Can too much screen time and reading in the dim light genuinely put your child’s eyesight at risk? Here, we will answer all such questions and arm you with practical tips to safeguard your child’s visual well-being.

So, let’s begin – 

Myth 1: Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Ruin a Child’s Eyes

We all have heard it from our parents, ‘Don’t sit too close to the TV; it is bad for your eyes!’ But the truth is sitting close to the TV is unlikely to cause any lasting harm. It might only indicate that your child is nearsighted or needs glasses! 

Our eyes can adapt, and sitting close to the TV is often just a way to compensate for poor vision. It is not the TV itself causing the trouble. So, there’s no need to panic! All that you need to do is pay close attention to their eye health. If your child squints or gets too close to see clearly, it is a sign that they may need an eye check-up. So, get in touch with the best eye hospital in Gurgaon to clear things up.

Myth 2: Babies Don’t Need Eye Exams

Many people believe that kids only need eye checkups when they begin to read, but that’s a common myth! Pediatric ophthalmologists at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon advise having your child’s first eye exam between 6 months and a year. 

This early screening can be vital for spotting and avoiding vision problems that might hinder your child’s learning and growth. So, don’t wait until your child is a reader, get an early eye checkup to ensure that they have the best possible start in life. This will help you ensure that your child’s eyes are in good health.

Myth 3:  Children Will Outgrow Crossed Or Lazy Eyes

Strabismus (crossed eyes) and Amblyopia (lazy eye) are frequent childhood eye problems. A common misconception is that kids will naturally grow out of these issues; however, that’s not true! Many times, early intervention is needed, which can involve treatments at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon, such as vision therapy, patching, or corrective eyewear to correct these conditions and prevent them from causing long-term vision problems. So, don’t wait and take action to make a big difference in your child’s eye health.

Myth 4: Eye Rubbing Is Harmless

It is not uncommon to see kids rubbing their eyes, but it is surely something you shouldn’t ignore! If your child frequently rubs their eyes, it could be a sign of eye strain or allergies. The real problem is – prolonged or forceful rubbing of the eye might damage the cornea, which is the eye’s delicate outer layer. 

So, if you notice this eye-rubbing habit persisting in your kid, take action timely. Reach out to a pediatric ophthalmologist at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon. After all, your kid’s vision is a precious gift, and ensuring it stays in tip-top shape is our topmost priority. 

Myth 5: Children Shouldn’t Wear Glasses

Some parents might worry about their children wearing glasses. However, it is important to understand that glasses prescribed by the pediatric ophthalmologist at the best eye hospital in Gurgaon are often essential for a child’s visual development. They can have vision issues just like adults, and without the right correction, these issues can affect various aspects of their lives, for instance, poor vision hinders their academic performance. 

If a child can’t see the chalkboard or read books clearly, it can get tough for them to keep up in school, leading to frustration and a lack of confidence in their abilities. Hence, glasses not only help in improving how well a child can see but also have a significant impact on their overall quality of life.

So, never fall for myths! Do get a reality check when it comes to protecting your child’s vision, and Viaan Eye & Retina Centre, the best eye hospital in Gurgaon, can help you get that! We have an expert team of top-notch pediatric ophthalmologists who can help you strengthen your child’s eyesight, creating a brighter future for them. So, book an appointment now!

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