How to choose the right contact lenses for yourself?

Wearing eye lenses is one of the trends that can never go out of fashion for people who wear glasses for near-sightedness or farsightedness. Though it is a difficult task to select the right pair of lenses for oneself, but this is the most critical job as it is about one of the most delicate and integral parts of the human body. As the best eye specialist in GurgaonDr. Neeraj Sanduja suggests that it is better to get your eyes corrected over wearing lenses – as they may have their repercussions in case of any mishappenings.


But, if still, you choose to go with contact lenses, here are some guidelines that the eye specialist doctor has laid down to help you select the right contact lenses for yourself:


There are not many choices available while selecting contact lenses as there are not many varieties of colour, frame, shape, etc. However, there are still several variables that affect the selection process:


  • Daily or Monthly pack? 

One of the foremost questions is: Are you comfortable wearing the same pair of lenses every day for a month (obviously, you have to clean it), or a new pair every day. Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages, such as a new pair every day will be pricier over a monthly pack. Daily packs are less prone to any kind of infection as the user has to draw the lenses directly from the pack and use them. The wearer can also choose the monthly pack if they can spend some time cleaning the lenses every time they wear it.


  • Soft or Hard Material?

Making this choice is highly dependent on the type of correction required for your eye. How? Well, both the eye lenses soft (silicone hydrogels) or hard (plastic) are made from breathable material, and allows plenty of oxygen to reach the surface of the eyes, but the critical question is which one can best correct your vision problem! Hard plastic lenses can correct more no. of eye visions but, if your eye vision can be corrected using the soft pair of lenses, then you can clearly go with that choice.


  • Duration of Wear?

 Wearing any pair of lenses, whether daily or monthly, comes with another question – as to for how long are they designed to be worn safely without affecting your eye health. It is quite essential to remove the lenses as per the recommended period of time as if worn longer than suggested, the more bacteria can stick to the lenses and thus harm your eyes. So, choose a pair as per your preference of time – daily or extended length of time!


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And, of course, wearing eye lenses may look fancy enough – but it is better to have your eyes corrected as it will not just save you a lot of money in the long run but will also protect your eyes from any kind of side effects that come with wearing the contact lenses. And also, will keep your eye number in shape – as several times, the patients tend to increase their eye number by not taking care of it! So, as the best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, we recommend you to get your eyes corrected.


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