Debunking Cataracts Myths- Facts From Eye Specialist

Cataracts mean clouding the eye lens and, it is natural too. There are certain myths linked to this eye symptom. To debunk the myths, the Viaan eye and retina centre has come up with cataract facts. 


As time goes by, our eyes age. When our eyes get old, the clear lens becomes yellow and cloudy due to the accumulated dead cells and protein. Viaan eye and retina centre’s cataract specialist in Gurgaon, Dr Neeraj Sanduja has debunked a few of the myths linked to cataracts. 

Let’s Read Those Myths With Facts Here.

Myth: Cataracts grow in the lens 


Fact- cataracts do not grow, either in the lens or eyes. Cataracts are the accumulated dead cells and proteins of the eyes. An Eye Specialist will remove the damaged lens and replace it with a synthetic lens to cure cataracts.


Myth: Eye drops can cure cataracts


Fact- cataracts cannot cure with drops. Cataracts are not some substance that can get cured with eye drops. They are the permanent change to the lens. The only way to cure cataracts is to remove the defective lens and replace it with a new one. 


Myth: Reading at night causes Cataracts 


Fact- too much reading causes cataracts is a myth. Cataracts happen because of the ageing of the eyes and degradation of the lens. Close knitting or reading does not defect the lens with clouds. 


Myth: Cataract surgery is dangerous 


Fact- a cataract surgeon can tell you whether it is dangerous or not. Treating cataracts means removing and replacing the old lens. Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures and holds a 95% success rate. 


Myth: Cataracts are inevitable 


Fact- healthy habits from a young age can prevent cataracts from happening. Using sunglasses to save eyes from UV rays and eating green leafy vegetables to give balanced nutrients are the ways to avoid Cataracts.

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