COVID-19 and Eye Transmission: All you Need to Know

One of the most wide-spread viruses that has caused havoc on the planet earth is COVID-19. The virus spreads frequently when a person is standing less than 3 feet away from an infected person. Moreover, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the primary method of coronavirus spread is through respiratory droplets of saliva or nasal discharge expelled when an infected person coughs or sneezes.


As per the experts, when a contaminated surface comes in contact with the face, this lethal infection can make a person fall into its trap. However, there are some studies which have shown that the COVID-19 may enter the body through conjunctiva, a thin membrane that covers the front portion of the eyes and the inner eyelids.

At the time, when the second wave of COVID-19 has gripped India, it is advisable to take all precautionary measures while stepping outdoors.


Evidence of Eye Transmission

In March 2020, JAMA Ophthalmology, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal, published a study suggesting that this virus can be transferred via eyes. With a sample size of 38 COVID-19 patients in China, the study revealed that coronavirus has traits in common with the SARS virus.

Meanwhile, another study was conducted by the journal Ophthalmology last year which also found encouraging news regarding optical spread. It stated that no evidence of the COVID-19 was found in the tear samples of the patients.


How to protect your eyes from the COVID-19?


  • Switch to glasses from contact lenses for a while: Whether you should take precautionary measures to protect your eyes from the COVID-19 depends upon where you are. For instance, one can wear glasses while stepping outdoors and have work in the area where it is difficult to maintain social distancing. Basically, glasses might block some droplets if the person nearby coughs or sneezes.Also, it is advisable to switch from contact lenses to eyeglasses as it will help in cutting down the touching of the eyes. They may act as a mechanical carrier to keep fingers away.
  • Stock up eye medicines if you can: We would advise patients to stock up on critical medications so that you will have enough to get by if you are required to be quarantined during the outbreak.


  • Avoid rubbing your eyes: Dry eyes can lead to more rubbing. One must consider adding moisturizing drops to the eye care regime. If you touch your eyes for any reason- even to administer eye medicine- you are required to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Your best eye doctor in Gurgaon may ask you to take certain preventive measures amid the on-going COVID-19 pandemic:


  • If you are having high fever or cough or have been in close contact with a person having such symptoms, you must dial the doctor’s office ahead of time and let them know.
  • Stay at home if your visit is not an emergency.
  • If you arrive sick, your doctor may ask you to return home.
  • In case you have a serious problem and cannot wait to be seen, you will be asked to wait in a special room away from other patients and staff members. The physician and the supporting staff may wear additional protective equipment such as gloves and gowns.
  • Move back from the slit lamp microscope machine when you are about to sneeze or cough during the examination.
  • Wash your hands with soap after you are done with the examination.

As the best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon, Dr Neeraj Sanduja believes that we can all fight the spread of the deadly virus if we take preventive measures without the fear of the government, but with our safety at mind. Finding the right eye doctor near me is crucial for emergencies such as the COVID-19, hence, people must take essential and effective measures to decide on the best eye hospital and continue their treatment there.


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