7 Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

As the added saying goes ‘you are what you eat’, and today, with so much pollution in the environment and people spending hours in front of screens, it has become imperative that one takes care of their eye health as much as they take care of their boredom and entertainment. Not eating the right foods disturbs metabolic processes within the body which leads to diseases and declining health.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced and nutritious diet is the key to keeping your eyes healthy and it may also reduce the risk for developing eye conditions. Dr. Neeraj Sanduja, Viaan Eye & Retina Centre, is the best eye specialist in Gurgaon who specialises in all kind of Retina Surgeries and Eye conditions, suggests that to avoid any serious eye condition one must include these following foods (proteins, vitamins, nutrients and minerals) in their diet:


1. Fish:


Fish are a great source of fatty acids and Omega 3 which keep the eyes moist, protect eyes against any macular degeneration and help the retina to develop and work properly. Fishes such as salmon, tuna, sardines, trout and mackerel can be consumed once a week for required protein intake. Studies suggest that people who consume omega 3 and fatty acids are very less likely to progress to the advanced form of macular degeneration.


2. Eggs:


Eye requires a high portion of Vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc which protects the cornea of the eye. The yolk part of the egg contains the nutrients required for good cornea health. The intake of these nutrients lowers the risk of macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts. Required intake of Zinc nutrient further improves the health of the eye and thus enables us to see in the light.


3. Carrots:


Carrots like Eggs are high in Vitamin A nutrient which makes it the well-known food for good eye health. Carrots have Beta Carotene apart from Vitamin A, which keeps the surface of the moist and prevents any eye infections and any other serious eye condition. Carrot can be eaten in any form- soup, cake or salad depending on your choice.


4. Leafy Greens:


Numerous studies show that eating antioxidants protects the eye from developing eye diseases like- macular degeneration and cataracts, and leafy greens contain a genuine amount of antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Foods that you should incorporate in your diet include spinach, kale, broccoli, peas and avocado.


5. Citrus Fruits & Berries:


Eyes are usually less prone to any disorder if you take the required nutrients- vitamin C, lutein and vitamin A in the right amount in your diet. Citrus fruits like berries, oranges, and grapefruit contain a high amount of vitamin C which maintains healthy blood vessels located in the eye and reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.


6. Nuts:


Like fish, nuts also have a high content of omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin E which both enhances and protects your eye health. One should include nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts which will also help in reducing macular degeneration and cataracts.


7. Dairy Products:


Few of the most easily available food items are dairy products like milk, curd and buttermilk are really good for the eyes. Dairy products are a rich source of Vitamin A and zinc which protect the cornea, retina choroid in the eye, and also protect eyes from dryness, cataracts and macular degeneration.




Having a balanced diet in today’s time is a must to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and upon consuming the above mentioned food items that are rich of a variety of proteins, nutrients and minerals one can reduce any kind of risk that may cause any eye condition. As a retina specialist, Dr. Sanduja suggests that one should try to eat a rainbow during your day, incorporating many types of foods in many different colours.

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