6 eye-care tips for every Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy changes the expectant’s body. Pregnant mothers can experience fluctuations in their hormones, breathings and pulses. During pregnancy, the body retains a lot of fluids, and blood volume increases. These changes can impact visions too. These changes are transient, but they may need rapid care from an eye specialist.


During pregnancy, high blood pressure — preeclampsia — could be a big issue to resolve. 


There are a few vision-care tips that expecting moms can take:


> Reduce Dry eye


To get relief from dryness in the eyes, contact your retina specialist for dry eye solutions. Try to reduce screen use and blink often while working before a computer or tablet.


> Eye puffiness – Make it go 


Puffiness around the eyes might be caused by pregnancy. The puffiness can affect the periphery, side, and sometimes eyesight. Apply a moist and cool washcloth to the eyes to minimize swelling or puffiness. To help minimize water retention, drink plenty of water and reduce your salt and caffeine intake.


> Check your refractive power 


Changes in hormone levels alter the strength of contact lenses or eyeglasses. It is vital to check the refractive changes for expecting moms. 


> Headaches & Migraine 


Migraine headaches are the result of hormone changes. If you are pregnant and suffer from headaches, see your doctor before using any prescription or over-the-counter migraine treatments.


> Diabetes – A red flag 


Pregnant Women with a diabetic past and those who acquire gestational diabetes should keep an eye on their vision.


In such instances, blurred vision may suggest high blood sugar levels.


> ​Glaucoma – Check with an eye specialist 


Expectant moms should consult an eye specialist before taking any prescribed medicine. 


While many glaucoma drugs are safe to take during pregnancy, some, such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, might damage the growing infant.

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