All There to Know About the Artificial Eye

The eyes are the reflection of the soul. One cannot even imagine the pain of losing one. Not only does it lead to physical impairment but takes a toll on the mental and social well-being of the patient. Losing an eye may cause a human being to become conscious of their appearance which can affect their confidence and self-esteem.


However, with scientific and technological advancements in the medical sector, the prosthetic eye has become a blessing in disguise for patients losing their eyes due to unfortunate conditions. 

Why would one need a prosthetic eye?

People all around the world lose their eyes due to an injury or disease, such as cancer, infections, or glaucoma. Though prosthetic eyes don’t help you to see they help a human look normal after losing an eye. The process of removing an eye surgically is called enucleation. So, muscles that controlled your natural eye to an implant that will support your prosthetic eye. . Although you may not be able to see with the prosthetic eye, attaching the muscles to the implant will allow you to move along your other eye. If you want to know about the procedure in detail, visit the best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon

Benefits of Prosthetic eye

Although a prosthetic eye can’t re-establish vision, it does bring back much more than what’s taken away from the person. Let’s look at the advantages of prosthetic eyes.


Prevents Eyelid from collapsing


One more favorable benefit of a prosthetic eye is that it gives the eye socket a chance to keep hold of its great shape and size. Besides, it additionally allows the eyelid to work precisely.


Regaining lost self-esteem


A person’s physical and mental well-being are both affected when they lose an eye. The issue of self-esteem is one of the most visible side effects of losing an eye. It reduces a person’s social connection and isolates them, which can lead to other underlying concerns such as social isolation, and depression. Wearing a prosthetic eye that looks exactly like the other eye, on the other hand, might boost a person’s confidence and self-esteem significantly. Furthermore, having realistic-looking prosthetic eyes would make them look normal. 


Debunking myths regarding Prosthetic/ Artificial eye

It restores vision

That isn’t the case at all. It’s crucial to understand that the goal of an artificial eye is to assist patients to regain their natural appearance. It will not be able to regain your vision. 

It looks unnatural

Contrary to popular opinion, an artificial eye completely looks natural. In fact, with correct installation and operative procedures in place, even your mates may not notice you have an artificial eye.

Detaches anywhere, anytime

Thanks to the pirate movies showing eyes rolling down the deck. Not true. Artificial eyes are shaped to mimic the original eye. The prosthetic eye is custom-designed to fit individual eye tissues. 


Another myth-debunker is that the procedure isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as you may anticipate. Even better, if you follow your doctor’s directions, you’ll soon be able to remove and reinsert your eye without pain.
The best eye specialist in Gurgaon provides one of the best artificial eyes replacements. The procedure involves careful procedures to make the process painful and give patients a new life.

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